This is a blog.

This is a blog.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tryndamere OP. Plz nerf.

Wow, talk about an FAQ -- Check this out guy out!  Tryndamere pretty much goes through every major comment, criticism and complaint I've ever heard about LoL or Riot! -- So if you have a question that I didn't cover in my now adorable little FAQ, chances are that Tryndamere has you covered ;)

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  1. Hey, Penguin, fan of your work here. I saw your link to a break-down of Tryndamere's AMA. I do stuff for NewsofLegends, so I thought I'd leave you my work on that:

    I try to split AMAs into sub-sections for better visibility. Hope you enjoy the format. Keep up the awesome streaming you do!