This is a blog.

This is a blog.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Penguin Brushes

So first off, please note, that brushes are a powerful tool for getting a specific task done faster...They are NOT however, a magical fix-all that will make you a better painter. You should understand lighting and texture enough to paint any material by hand with a normal round brush. Brushes do not paint FOR you, they simply let you do something you know how to do, in a more efficient way. 

That said, here are some of my favorite brushes I’m uploading! (Click here to download)
  • Chain Brush - So this is more to show you what you can do with the brush editor. I’d encourage you all to dissect these brushes, see how they are put together, and adjust them to suit your needs. Please don’t feel like they are some holy artifact that you have to use as is (though always remember to save out copies of your brush set periodically, in case you accidentally delete or change one you like). 
  • Wet Brush - Another example of the power of the brush editor. I like using this one for quickly brushing in values on a silhouette, because it has nice smooth blending. 
  • Scribble Brush - A type of brush that has a lot of variables and texture put into it, so you can sort of scribble out a general shape, and get some ‘happy accidents’ (shapes you may not have thought of but look really cool!) . I don’t go too far into a painting with this one, because it ends up with messy edges…(Clean edges can make even a quick sketch feel more finished, and rough edges can make a clean painting feel sloppy). 
  • Chunk Brush - My all time favorite brush. I rough out shapes with it (like the Scribble Brush) and paint with it (like the Wet Brush). I just love the feel, and slight randomization to it. The only downside, is that because it’s so heavily textured, it doesn't scale down very well, so I’d use a simpler brush like the Round Brush for smaller details. 
  • Round Brush - Just your normal, run of the mill Photoshop brush. Ideally, you should be able to take a painting from start to finish with this bad boy without having to rely on other brushes. 


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  2. Hey! Love this site and the new format!
    I am pretty new to digital art. What kind of programs do you use to make this kind of stuff, and what do you think is a good starting program to get into digital art?
    Also, requests. Gladiator Sion / Olaf, or Order of the Banana Gnar.

  3. I've been looking a good starting brush set for a while, thank you!