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This is a blog.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Fan Art for Fans!

Got a great idea for a skin you've always wanted to see fan art of? 
Post 'em here so I can draw them! 
I generally stream a fan art sketch most Sunday mornings PST :)

Let's see whatcha got!

*** PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT being created for League of Legends or Riot Games ***
These are personal sketches that I’m doing for you all FOR FUN as an artist who loves LoL and it’s community - NOT in my official capacity as a Rioter. -- These are for you all :D


Blood Moon Nami for AD171996

Elderwood Karthus for chriserit1

Barbarian Lord Gangplank for FranART8

Soul Stealer Karma - Bearsquared

THE OMEGA SQUAD - *suggestions from stream chat*

Arctic Ops Lucian - NiteStryker

Demon Guard Udyr - SylverStarr

Soul Stealer Bard - SamAoArt

Marauder Miss Fortune - Natty Sung

Fire Storm Janna  - Janna Mechanics

Dragon Trainer Annie - Tamur

Dragon Slayer Zed -  For the Community!

Underworld Renekton -  by popular request!

Head Hunter Vi  - CryFox

Riot Braum (Riot Leo's bff!) - Xtremegamingtech

Riot Leona - RiotPenguin ;)

Necromancer Azir - Appôlon

Ghost Bride Lissandra - Garekor & Silverelite998

Pretty Pretty Princess Sion - DMC75001

Undead Jinx - Valiant Serpent

Soul Stone Taric - DeinolGaming

Infernal Teemo - Rocket Style

Full Metal Volibear - BlazingLegendEX

Blood Moon Diana - kikibear94

GLADiator Braum - Bulletkid

Baker Pantheon - popular demand

Jurassic Renekton - popular request
Gladiator Darius - OneDeadlyNinja

Commando Zed - GGNR

Rusty Junkyard Blitzcrank  - _Mansana_

Vi-King Vi  - ValkyrGiselle

Tech Master Tryndamere  - RAZERblast

Armored Annie  -  Celiohogane

Demon-Born Rumble - iShiny

Rageborn Soraka - Clutch Nuke

Rock God Draaaaven! - BlueDevilBoxer

Assassin Teemo - Fan art from before I was a Rioter!

"Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls" Taric - PattonMelon

Styx Nami - CheckmateToronto

War Mage Lulu - EchoezOfRain

Zombie Ahri - Nikekiller

Twilight Leona - e3thomps

Graveborn Garen Saenen

Assorted Sketches

Blood Wing Kayle - Mansana

Scorched Earth Syndra - GuilleJiCan

Wrecking Ball Orianna - Alchem

Demon Dart Teemo - Taystee

Evil Psycho Lux - Caridor

Dark Lord Wukong - Bumblezel

Samurai Jax - immortalibra

Hello Rengar - Tataku999

Be Keeper Singed - just because :3

Commando Ziggs - Talohmiir

Salamander Fizz - Talohmiir

Woad Queen Diana - Kaelath The Red

Quinn Bee - Hamut's brother Issac

Buff Teemo - Tataku999

White Noise Malzahar - Soukius

School Girl RenektonRenektons Lover

Undead Lissandra -iComplicated

Wolfman Draven -EndlessCycle


  1. I love all! Thanks! fans need more like this art, but Riot dosen't know it..


      This zed ult skin I came up with?


      This ulti skin I came up with for zed?

  2. Just amazing, I watched you create the Zombie Ahri, how it just.. became ALIVE!

    I got some sort of a request though.. I'm getting a tattoo and I want to have a Harley Quinn Jinx, if it isn't too much, could you create something beautiful? I love every single piece of art you've shown!

    Will of course providee a picture of the tattoo if you now do create it!

  3. Look at my drawings

  4. Hey your title on the Zombie Garen is wrong ^^ otherwise love all of this!

  5. I don't think he fits in the steel legion archetype like Garen and Lux, but that Nautilus skin looks like a final product already. You should seriously consider this with the art team.

    Fiery Syndra also looks perfect. The feeling that skins puts out is just too good to waste. We have a lot of fire skins. It wouldn't even have to come out soon, but MAN, the pose, the effects, the lighting- this has potential.

    1. Syndra's position and lighting are pretty much exactly the same as the original in this picture...
      But I love all of them! Except for buff Teemo, he seemed just uncreative.
      I especially enjoyed Gladiator Braum, Viking Vi, and Wrecking Ball Orianna.
      I like the idea of a machine-ish volibear, but I wasn't seeing the orange, as all the other Full-Metal skins are grey and silver.
      Yes, I'm being kind of harsh but there are already lots of people telling you how great this is (which it is) and it doesn't look like you're getting any real advice.
      Also, I have a request:
      Dragonslayer Vi
      I really like the Dragonslayer archetype and I think it could be cool.
      I'm just getting into digital art so maybe we can compare products, as I might try it on my own as well.

      When I get older I want to do stuff like this, it looks really fun and interesting.

    2. The position and lighting on Syndra is pretty much the same as the original...
      For Steel Legion Nautilus, I see it just as a bigger SL Jayce with a pickaxe.
      I really like all of these ideas, except for Buff Teemo; it isn't really very creative.
      I thoroughly enjoyed Viking Vi, Gladiator Braum, and Wrecking Ball Orianna.
      I like the concept of Full Metal Volibear but I'm not feeling the orange - all of the other full metal skins are pretty much silver and grey.
      And I have a request / duel for you:
      Dragonslayer Vi
      I really like the dragonslayer archetype and I am just getting into digital art so I might try this on my own, and we can compare products.

      When I get older I want to do stuff like this; it seems fun and interesting.
      Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I almost wish that instead of rock, undead lissandra had hands sprouting around her all the time.

    You just need to be given a special title: Evil skin producer, and pump out your wonderful ideas like the robo penguin you are.

  7. Great work , keep it up RiotPenguin. I kinda wish , at the very least the last two , could be skins eventually . They feel unique to me . Or the Commando Ziggs , Wrecking Ball Orianna.. Really good art work. Me thinks these could already have been part of the game already and with lots of praise to go with. Anyway , give us more when possible xD

  8. Why aren't these all skins yet? :(

  9. I really liked the white noise malz, dark lord wukong, and commando ziggs :)

    1. ...dark lord wukong is a skin in SMITE, that isnt fan amde. and its copyrighted, so riot cant make it

  10. Where do i sign to make all of these skins official?

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  12. the dark lord wukong is copyrighted. Smite came out with that skin. that isnt a fan made skin, its already in existence... sorry, but riot wont make that

    1. Haha believe it or not, I actually posted that sketch back in November based on a fan suggestion...I believe the Smite skin was announced earlier this year? So I can assure you I didn't copy Smite :)

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  17. Wow dude!! These all look amazing!! The more I scrolled down the more I found myself repeating "ok nope thats my fav... actually that one is" haha. They should deffinately do a lot of these. Keep up the good work. Bookmarked!

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  19. @RiotPenguin do you create those arts by your ideas or inspirations by others, or did you take direct commissions from others in order to draw?

    If so, are you in need of ideas? :P

  20. Hi I've been playing wukong a lot and I've been thinking of a PROJECT: Wukong omg I can imagine him lol

  21. Btw these are incredibly amazing I'm not quite the artist myself haha

  22. "Covered in Bees" Singed made me laugh out loud. This HAS to be done!

  23. I would buy almost all of these without hesitation. I would buy almost none of the official skins riot releases.

  24. I love it all! Great job on these. Definitely chuckled on a few.

  25. I would love to see a Ghost Blade, or Blood Moon Katarina

  26. Alright, I have another request: Gladiator Olaf. I just really loved you style of gladiators, with the metal arm and stuff, and I've been playing around with the idea. Maybe if you have time you could try it?
    Don't mean to be assertive, I just have so many ideas that I'm having a hard time putting to paper.
    I just thought of something today as well. A cat playground themed Maokai. He would be a big fuzzy cat jungle gym with a scratching post for his left arm, and one of those feather toys for his right. Thinking about animations, his Q would dump a bunch of cat litter in front, his W could turn him into a rolling ball of yarn, his E would be flinging a cat from his feather toy (the cat would be hanging onto it when the spell isn't being cast. I'm not really sure about the Ult, but that's probably not your area anyway. I might try this sometime myself.
    Well, I've wasted enough of your potential time, thanks!

  27. Its vyn can you make a dark Kennen skin with a black suit and red lightning

  28. I find it so amusing that you also thought of the "white noise" malz idea
    Thought of it my self, but in my progress it went from " white noise" to "reality" to the finished splash "spectrum"

    for those who want to see:

  29. I find it so amusing that you also thought of the "white noise" malz idea
    I thought of it myself and did a splash of him. But in my progress "white noise" went to "reality" and then ended being "spectrum". Love your splash though i miss his voidling.

    for those who wants to see my spectrum malzahar

  30. Excuse me but i really like your ghost bride lissandra idea. Would you mind if i made a splash of that exact art of yours?

  31. project skin diana

  32. pls, someone can draw my champion?
    PS: the topic is in Portuguese